The National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico (ANEAS) with 35 years of experience, is an umbrella organisation of the national Drinking Water Utilities, with the basic objective of supporting the increased efficiency in the delivery of services and fostering the level of human capital professionalism and autonomy.

Its inception as the Water and Sanitation Companies of Mexico A.C. (EAS) on 3 April 1992 in Cancun, Quintana Roo, derived from the first meeting of large and important Drinking Water and Sanitation Utilities, aimed at discussing Water and Sanitation issues. It changed its name to the National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities in February 1998.

EAS was created after the National Association of Water and Sewerage (ANOAPA) to further changes in the management of Drinking Water Utilities in the country fostering the transformation of government entities to real public and private firms.

ANEAS is a private non-profit organisation comprised of state and municipal water systems of Mexico as well as private firms, and academic and trade agencies involved in the sector that provide and exchange knowledge and experiences to achieve individual and collective objectives.

We provide legal, legislative and tax consultancy services for capacity building, certification development, and technical support to improve the operation and maintenance of water systems; representation before authorities and various processes; act as liaison with national and international organisations in sharing experiences and knowledge; and organising workshops, courses, seminars and events in Mexico and at international level.

It is structured by the following bodies:

  • Members General Assembly
  • Board of Directors
  • Regional offices
  • Director General


Representing, serving and promoting the interests of its members before the three tiers of government, national and international organisations, and related institutions in order to contribute to the development, competitiveness and sustainability of the public, private or mixed utilities providing water services.


ANEAS will be a benchmark in the water sector at national and international level for its contribution to strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of water service providers in Mexico, promoting their capacity building that results in an added value for the users.


Social Responsibility
Ethics and transparency


  • Bring together and represent state and municipal water and sanitation utilities in order to define common problems and identify strategies for their solution, being the members’ spokesperson.
  • Further the legislative authorities conducive to the adequate regulatory framework for the systems operation, and establishing public policies for the utilities to be developed as productive firms.
  • Be the liaison between Utilities and the different levels of government and a coordinating instance to carry out processes before the various institutions and authorities related to the sector.

  • Disseminate amongst members the subsector experiences and outstanding aspects.
  • Foster the improvement of technical, administrative and educational levels of workers, professionals and managers of water and sanitation utilities.
  • Support decentralisation of utilities and their technical and financial self-sufficiency in order to achieve autonomy
  • Promote water culture through the Utilities members


  • Governor of the World Water Council
  • Ambassador of the IWA Fellows Programme
  • Member of the Innovation Task Force on Water and Sanitation, World Bank
  • WOP’s International Board of Directors Member
  • Chair of the IWA-Mexico Chapter
  • Coordinator of the regional processes of the Americas institutional platform for the World Water Fora (WWC)
  • WOP’s Mexico Platform Coordinator
  • Coordinator of ALOAS Advisory Council – Latin American Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities
  • Labour Competency Certification Body of the Water Sector
  • UNFCCC-COP Official Observer Organisation
  • Spokesperson of the Competencies Management Committee for the Water Sector – CGCSH


Padrón de Votantes

Executive Committee


Ing. Arturo Jesús Palma Carro

State of Guerrero



Ing. Sergio Ávila Ceceña

State of Sonora


State of Ing. Arturo A. Garza Jiménez



Ing. José Lara Lona

State of Guanajuato


Ing. Patricia Ramírez Pineda

State of Baja California


Ing. Bernardino Antelo Esper

State of Sinaloa


Lic. Héctor Octavio Durán Díaz

State of Puebla


National Adviser

Ing. Gerardo Garza González

State of Nuevo León


Ing. Juan Carlos Valencia Vargas

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