ANEAS at the XVth IWRA World Water Congress

Prominent water professionals of the international community gathered in Edinburgh, Scotland from 25 to 29 May for the XVth edition of the IWRA World Water Congress “Global Water, a resource for development: Opportunities, challenges and constraints”, the debate was around the efficient water management.

In the opening plenary participated: Benedito Braga, President of the World Water Council (WWC); Dogan Altinbilek, President of the International Water Resources Association (IWRA); Derek Mackay, Minister for Transport and Islands of Edinburgh. The main speaker was Loïc Fauchon, WWC Honorary President and Director General of Société des Eaux de Marseille (SEM), on Water Cosmology.

The session was formally inaugurated with the “Crystal Drop” Award ceremony, which is awarded every three years to individuals or organisations in recognition of their laudable contribution to the improvement of the world’s water situation. The recipient of this 2015 edition was J. Vijay Singh, Distinguished Professor at the Texas A & M University.

The main objective of the Congress is to provide a platform to share experiences, promote discussion and present new knowledge –the result of thorough scientific research. Among the sector members participants were: Torkil Clausen, Water Policy Advisor, DHI group and Chair of the previous World Water Forum Regional Process, and Cecilia Tortajada, former president of IWRA.

Mexico’s participation was through: Roberto Olivares, Director General, National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities (ANEAS); Francisco Muñiz Pereyra, Deputy Director for Water Management, Claudia Coria, International Cooperation Manager, and José Alejandro Cervantes Beltran, Assistant Coordinator, National Water Commission (CONAGUA); and David Korenfeld, Chairperson, UNESCO-IHP National Committee of Mexico.

The Mexican delegation had an outstanding participation in the Closing Ceremony, Roberto Olivares and Francisco Muñoz Pereyra announced that the 26th edition of the IWRA Congress will be hosted by Cancun, Quintana Roo, to be held in May 2017 and co-organised by CONAGUA and ANEAS.


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