Member service

  • National Association of Legal Areas (ANAJEAS)

Association integrating the Utilities’ legal areas

Contact: Lourdes de la Loza



  • National Association of Water Utilities Commercial Areas (ACOOA)


Association focused on gathering together and representing the commercial areas of water and sanitation utilities in order to identify strategies

Contact: José Julio Gilberto Becerra Moreno



  • National Association of Technical Areas (ANATEC)

It is comprised of technical personnel responsible for the administration, management, construction, maintenance, operation and rehabilitation of physical infrastructure as well as equipment and accessories needed to convey and supply of drinking water, drainage and sewerage of the Utilities of Mexico.

Contact: Agustin Baez Vazquez


  • National Association for a New Water Culture (ANNCA)


The association brings together representatives of the Water Culture areas of the country and its main objective is to promote the care and efficient use of water resources.

Contact: Humberto Ramos Contrereas



  • Energy Efficiency

Calculating energy efficiency and savings potential of water pumping systems (CEEPA)

Participating in this group will enable Utilities to meet their individual potential energy saving and exchange measure ideas.

Contact: Rita Cavaleiro