Brasilia in preparation for the 8th World Water Forum in 2018

The WWF International Steering Committee (ISC), of which Mexico is a member, held the 2nd preparatory meeting on 23 June in Brasilia, Brazil, towards the 8th World Water Forum (WWF), the largest international event of the water sector, which is co-organised by the World Water Council and the Government of Brasilia.

The main objective was to review the progress on the working plans of the committees leading the preliminary work of the regional, thematic, political processes and the citizen forum, towards WWF8. The ISC also discussed the organisation of the Kick-off meeting to be held 27-29 June.

B2 The 59th Board of Governors (BoG) Meeting of the World Water Council was held on 24-25 June at the Convention Centre Brazil 21, in which México participated represented by Roberto Olivares, Director General of ANEAS and WWC Board member.

Rodrigo Rollemberg, Governor of the Federal District of Brasilia, welcomed the WWC Board members expressing Brazil’s commitment to the cause of water, and emphasising his Government’s involvement in organising the 8th Forum.

The agenda comprised the review of the activities to strengthen the 2015-2018 strategy aimed at «Ensuring, adapting, maintaining»; the Action Plan to consolidate the WWC role in the global water agenda; and the progress and outcomes of the Task Forces.

B3They also discussed the World Water Council’s involvement in the High Level Panel on Water, co-chaired by Mexico and Mauritius, as one of the areas where the WWC seeks to continue playing a leading role.

Moreover, they discussed the activities for the Kick-off Meeting to be held the following days, where Dr. Benedito Braga, President of the WWC, summoned the BoG members to actively participate in the preparatory process towards WWF8.

The WWF8 Kick-off Meeting was held on 27-29 June, bringing together more than 700 participants from 55 countries to take part in the preparatory process towards the Forum to be held on 18-23 March 2018 in Brasilia.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Dr. Benedito Braga, President of the World Water Council stating that: «We are here today in record numbers in the presence of representatives from across the world to highlight the importance of Sharing Water».

Rodrigo Rollemberg, Governor of the Federal District of Brasilia said: «The Forum is needed at a time when 78% of the jobs worldwide depend on water. Let’s move forward for this forum to become a powerful way in making water an issue of the utmost importance».

Vicente Andreu Guillo, President of the National Water Agency of Brazil, commented: «The Forum will be a milestone for water resources management in Brazil.»

B4Representatives of governmental and intergovernmental organisations, the private sector, professional associations and academic institutions, civil society and other stakeholders analysed and discussed around the main theme of the Forum: «Sharing Water», and its thematic, regional, political, sustainability and citizens forum processes, in order to define the topics to be addressed.

Mexico, as a member of the Region of the Americas was represented by ANEAS as Coordinator organisation of the Americas in previous WWF participated in discussions with representatives of organisations of the other 6 regions: Africa, Arab, Asia-Pacific Europe, Mediterranean, and Economically Water Insecure, who agreed on the importance of the regional process as the platform for approach and discussion on the real scenario of water.

Source: International Affairs ANEAS


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