WOP exchange between AHPSAS and ANEAS

San Pedro Sula, Honduras, 16 April 2017. The 2nd stage of the Twinning between the Honduran Association of Water and Sanitation Service Providers (AHPSAS) and the National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico (ANEAS), concluded on 12 April, after a working week with various Utilities of Honduras, such as the Utility of Puerto Cortés, Utility of Choloma, Utility of Siguatepeque, the Water and Sewage Administrative Board of Jesús de Otoro and Utility de la Esperanza.

The first stage was held in October 2017, with the Honduran delegation’s visit to Mexico to know about the operation of ANEAS and the Mexican Utilities such as the Water Commission of Querétaro (CEA) and the Water and Sewerage System of León (SAPAL), as well as the best practices of these Utilities on sectorisation, micro-metering and physical, commercial and energy efficiencies.

The second phase was a follow-up on the activities carried out in October, with a Mexican delegation composed of the participating entities in the first stage (ANEAS, CEA Querétaro and SAPAL) visiting Honduras from 9 to 12 April to make in situ observations.

The delegation started at the municipality of Puerto Cortés, hosted by the Utility of Puerto Cortés, visiting the Water Treatment Plant of Tulián and participating in the talks: “Tools and methodologies for reducing the UFW Index” and “Good operational practices for loss control”

Then, they were welcomed by the Utility of Siguatepeque municipality, where they visited the “Jaime Rosenthal Oliva” Water Treatment Plant. The Mexican delegation gave the talks: “Implementation of Metering and Control Districts” and “Economic analysis of expenditures and investment to prioritize actions to combat water loss”.

The Administrative Board of Water and Excreta of Jesús de Otoro Municipality (JAPOE) welcomed them with the short course on safety measures on chlorine-gas handling.

To conclude, they visited the municipality of La Esperanza, Intibucá, where AHPSAS and its associated Utilities, ANEAS, SAPAL and CEA Querétaro, met with Mayor Miguel Fajardo, to share the strengths of the Utility associations, in view of the recent transition of water and sanitation services to this municipality, which were previously under SANAA control.

The participants will make their corresponding reports and send them to WOP-LAC, the Regional Platform of the Global Water Operators’ Partnership (GWOPA), and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), which was the sponsor of the twinning, towards the strengthening of water and sanitation Utilities, through technical cooperation and exchange of knowledge and good practices.



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