4th Exchange Meeting held in collaboration with GIZ & IBTECH Co in San Jeronimo WWTP

The 4th Exchange Meeting was held on June 6 in collaboration with GIZ and IBTECH in the facilities of the WWTP San Jeronimo, which treats wastewater from the municipalities of Purísima del Rincón and San Francisco del Rincón.

Maximiliano Olivares from ANEAS Capacity Development Department welcomed the participants and introduced Nicole Glorían from GiZ, who explained the EnRes programme that frames the activities of the Exchange Meeting. Diego Dávila, Manager of the San Jerónimo WWTP and host of the event, explained the experiences of the WWTP in biogas generation and use.

They toured the WWTP facilities, particularly to the areas of biogas generation, management and storage. At the end of the course, Jorge Lopez of IBTECH Company made a presentation on alignment to the competency standard: “Service provision for the operation of biogas use and production systems”.


 The second part of the competition standard alignment was resumed, with the theme: “Verifying documentation material on projects for biogas generation and use“.

The 23 attendees were the operating personnel of the Utilities: SAPAS La Piedad; SADM Monterrey; CEAGUA Morelos; CEA Guanajuato; CESPM of Mexicali; JUMAPAC, Cortazar Guanajuato; SAPASMU Villa Hidalgo, Jalisco; and from the companies ECOSYS and SITRATA.

 The closing of the event was in charge of Agustín Báez, President of the National Association of Technical Areas, who handed in Diego Dávila recognition for hosting this 4th Exchange Meeting.






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