ANEAS participates in the Governance and Public Policy panel during the 2nd Aquatech Mexico Source: Social Communications, ANEAS

“Ensuring Governance requires shifting towards a new Water Governance”, stressed Roberto Olivares, Director General of ANEAS during his participation in the Governance and Public Policy panel held under the framework of the 2nd Aquatech Mexico.

“We need a General Water Law and a management model appropriate to the current context and the needs of the sub-sector, we must also keep in mind that co-responsibility among the three tiers of Government is required, as well as to stop politicizing water”, he said.

“We must develop a different scheme of co-responsibility by the stakeholders: the Federal Government regulating; States designing public policies; municipalities providing services; Utilities working efficiently and optimizing resources; users paying services, and political party candidates ceasing to offer water at low cost or fully subsidized as campaign promises”.

Hence, each stakeholder from his/her remit will contribute to guarantee the service, in addition to address the Human Right to Water. However, there is another item to be added in the agenda: infrastructure replacement, since the water and drainage pipelines in the country have already reached the end of their service life, in addition to the existing imbalance between production and inputs.

“The Public Policy must be redesigned; when the National Water Plan was first presented, there was nothing related to infrastructure replacement, so federalized programmes do not have the support needed for maintenance and replacement, issues that have been pushed to the back burner”.

“At least 50% of water and sewerage networks in the country needs to be replaced, as well as to improve management, since it is currently estimated that only 14% of households are provided with 24/7 water service, coupled with the average decreased in physical efficiency due to the evident network deterioration”, he stated.

Some of the main challenges are: sharing accurate information, obtaining the financing that is basic to achieve an adequate management, reviewing and discussing different concepts on the regulatory framework, and the corresponding monitoring and evaluation.

The Director of ANEAS was accompanied by Ricardo Martinez from IDB, and Guillermo de Cárcer, General Director of CIM, who moderated the panel.


Source: Comunicación Social ANEAS


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