Labour Competencies Session: “Commercial projects of risk-free financial sustainability” Toluca, State of Mexico

The Labour Competencies Session: “Commercial projects of risk-free financial sustainability”  was held on 12-13 March with 110 participants from 17 national Utilities. The training session consisted of conferences on commercial, physical and energy efficiency projects; and 2 technical skills contests: water meters assembly and control valves assembly.

This event is the first one under the ANEAS 2018 training programme jointly organised with water utilities and companies in the sector. It aims at strengthening workers/staff training based on labour competencies, for them to improve their performance and productivity to address the challenges faced in providing services efficiently and with quality.

Participants were welcomed by José Maya, Director General of the host Water and Sanitation Utility of Toluca, who stressed the importance and need to hold these training sessions and summoned them to proactively participate in the activities organised by the Association.

The conference themes were: “Setting-up a competitive organisation by developing Its main asset: its people”, emphasizing that for a Utility to be efficient, motivation strategies for human capital must be carried out; “Water culture” a topic that is part of the work undertaken by the UNESCO IHP-LAC Working Group: Cultures, Water and Education. Water metering projects and comprehensive reengineering proposals for commercial systems were also presented through methodologies and software to increase the physical and commercial efficiency of water Utilities, such as: “Management and control of large users”, “Comprehensive commercial strategies”, “Water engineering: UFW”, “Energy saving schemes”, and “Thinking together towards the development of the hydraulic sector and its regulations “.


Furthermore, the technical skills contests were carried out: control valves assembly and water meters assembly, this last one with 13 competitors. The winners of the qualifying round of this regional contest were: José Alejandro Salinas with 27.62 seconds, José Abraham Chávez with 38.28 seconds, from Cea Querétaro and César González with 38.84 seconds, from OPDAPAS Metepec. They will participate in the final national contest during the ANEAS Annual Convention & Expo 2018, in which those with the three best times of the remaining regional competitions will compete. The winner of the final round will be awarded a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, sponsored by the Badger Meter of the Americas Company.

The control valves assembly contest was held as an exhibition so that participants could be familiarised with control valve characteristics and operation, and for them to have a friendly match of 8 competitors. The three best scores were the teams of CEA Queretaro: 5 ‘09.44”, SAPAZ Michoacán: 7’35.18’’ and AyST Toluca: 9’52”. The regional qualifying round will begin in this category in the following Training Session in Piedras Negras, as well as in the metering category, the winner of the final round will be awarded a trip to Israel sponsored by Dorot Mexico company.

On the second day the Utilities: Water and Sanitation of Toluca, SIMAS Monclova and SIMAS Piedras Negras presented their successful experiences in governance, technological innovation and long-term planning.

Based on the projects proposed It is planned to replicate the activities and themes during the year in different parts of the country. On this occasion the participating Utilities were: OAPAS Naucalpan, OPDAPAS Metepec, OPDAPAS Lerma, OPDAPAS Valle de Bravo, AyST Toluca, OAPAS Ocoyocan, SAH, CMPAS San Diego La Union, SAPAD Los Reyes, SAPAZ Zamora, SALPT Tejalpa, SOAPAMA Atlixco, JAPAM San Juan del Río, CEA Querétaro, SIMAS Monclova, SIMAS Piedras Negras, COMAPA Victoria and the companies México Institution, SIGSA, Control of Pressure Systems, Hidrónica, WRP México.


Fuente: Coordinación de Capacitación ANEAS

Toluca, Estado de México


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