Graduation Ceremony of the 11th Generations of Utility Senior Management

The 17 graduates of the 11th Generation of Utility Senior Management, which is jointly coordinated by the Continuing Education and Distance Learning of the Faculty of Engineering, (UNAM-DECDFI), and the National Association of Water and Sanitation Utilities of Mexico (ANEAS), are part of the 258 water professionals that have concluded the course since its inception.

The course had the participation of members from eight Utilities, two companies and a governmental institution, from the states of Baja California Sur, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Puebla, Querétaro, San Luis Potosí, Sinaloa and Tamaulipas; these professionals have the challenge of improving the management of the water and sanitation systems they lead.

The ceremony was presided over by Victor Manuel Rivera Romay, Director of DECDFI; Ramón Aguirre Díaz, President, ANEAS; Roberto Olivares, World Water Council BoG member; Anabell Branch Ramos, Academic Secretary, DECDFI, and Ariana Antonio Rivas, Coordinator of Academic Administration, DECDFI.

“While academic training is important through this Diploma Course, it is more so that in practice the expected results are obtained, because the lack of capacity development in water Utilities is one of the main problems,” said Roberto Olivares.

This is due to the need to professionalize the sector, which is still going through the constant rotation of Directors, originating different shortcomings and limitations, which are intended to be eliminated with the concepts addressed in this diploma course by involving topics of hydrological cycle, operation of treatment and water treatment plants, accounting, finance, legal aspects, warehouse control and even social communication, among other aspects.

ANEAS President pointed out that the topics addressed in the course are essential to improve the provision of services, and that the contents will be detailed in order to deepen them further. He highlighted the response and interest of the various Utilities in each of the eleven editions.

A commemorative medal was also awarded to the best grade obtained in the course to Marín Escobar Solís, Infrastructure Director, Agua de Puebla, who highlighted the relevance of shared knowledge.

“I feel proud because the effort and time had their fruit; I consider important that in the workplace my collaborators can take the course as well, since the contents addressed, give us a guideline to learn about other topics that we have not managed and provide tools for a more assertive decision-making “.

Graduates are from the Water Utilities: “Puebla Water for All”; CEA San Luis Potosí; CMAPA Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato; JAD Matamoros, Tamaulipas; JAPAC Culiacán, Sinaloa; JUMAPAM Mazatlán, Sinaloa; OOMSAPA Loreto, Baja California Sur; CEA Querétaro; CONAGUA, and the companies Aqualia and Suez.


Due to the importance of this e-course, it is planned to start the next edition on 19 February.

Source: Social Communications, ANEAS


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