Hydrometeorological Emergency Management Course held in Mexico City

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ANEAS jointly with NABOHI International developed the Hydrometeorological Emergency Management Course under the Labour Competencies Training Session ANEAS 2018, consisting of several lectures and a technical visit to the Villa Coapa pumping station, attended by 120 attendees, from 25 national Utilities.

The Opening Ceremony was led by Rogelio Mora, Director General of NABOHI International, and Fernando Reyna, Deputy Director of National Affairs of ANEAS, who informed that the objective of the strategic alliance with NABOHI was to provide training for the Utilities and other stakeholders involved in water sanitation in the country.

Mr. Mora, President of NABOHI International, stressed the importance of flood prevention measures when addressing hydrometeorological emergencies.

The first lecture was offered by Miguel Ricaño, Director of Institutional Strengthening of the Water System of Mexico City (Sacmex), who highlighted the work of ANEAS in terms of training, such as the Labour Competencies Training Programme, encouraged the Utilities to continue participating, and shared the protocol followed by the Storm Unit to address the problem of off-season rain events, in which personnel and specialised equipment is installed in 120 temporary camps, in coordination with Conagua and CAEM, the C-5 of Mexico City , Civil Protection, the Ministry of Public Security.

It was also stated that among the actions implemented was the programme for the cleaning and maintenance of dams, drainage and networks that comprise 7,516 km of SACMEX infrastructure. The diver Julio Cesar Q. Cámara, explained how this is carried out in Mexico City. The possibility to forecast heavy rainfall 2 hours in advance through technology such as Doppler Radar, with a range of 150 km was also analysed.

The representatives of the Nabohi Group presented the equipment that enables an immediate action in a flood event, such as bombs, amphibious vehicles and trucks.

Participants visited the wastewater pumping station of Villa Coapa, where they shared their experiences on the use of equipment, (control panels, pumps, etc.). The course participants were 25 Utilities, and representatives of 7 companies, 4 educational institutions and the Energy Commission CFE.

Source: Social Communications, ANEAS


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