The First Northwest Regional Council of the Mexican Hydraulic Association was sworn in

The First Northwest Regional Council of the Mexican Association of Hydraulics (AMH), was created on 2 June in Tijuana were Germán Jesus Lizola Márquez was sworn into office as Council President.

The Northwest Regional Board of Directors of the Association, chaired by Lizola Márquez, was sworn into office by Arturo Palma Carro, Vice President of AMH, as well as Arturo Caloca Galindo, as Vice President; Gonzalo López and Hermila Tinoco Téllez, Secretaries; Eliel Alejandro Vargas Pulido, Treasurer; Héctor Peterson Villalobos, Rigoberto Laborin Jiménez and Trinidad Pedraza Sánchez, members.

Engineering students from the universities of the region, who will participate in activities on integrated water solutions of the AMH Student Chapters, were also sworn in.

The various presentations held during the event enabled the discussion and analysis of projects for Baja California, currently faced with a major water stress due to its geographical conditions and droughts from the lengthening of periods with no rainfall.

Other topics were also addressed such as Education and Research in the Water Sector from UNAM perspective, presented by the researcher Gabriel Echávez Aldape; Current Situation of the Colorado River: Shortages and Risks of Downsizing of US-Mexico Water Supply, by Francisco A. Bernal Rodríguez, representative of CILA-Mexican Section.

They also discussed the theme: Challenges, Opportunities and News in the National and International Water Forums, presented by Manuel Becerra Lizardi, World Water Council member and Vice President of Hydraulic Infrastructure, CMIC.


Source: Social Communications, ANEAS


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