Winners of the Control Valves Competition of the ANEAS Convention travel to Israel

Clemente Chávez Chávez and José Cristian Arriaga Valdez, of Water and Drainage Services of Monterrey (SADM) traveled to Israel for a training seminar at the Dorot Kibbutz, for their first place in the Valves Control Assembly competition in the ANEAS Annual Convention & EXPO Puebla 2017.

The 7-day trip comprises 4 theoretical training days and a fieldwork day visiting the “Sorek” Plant (the main desalination plant in the world, with 8 m3/sec capacity), and 2 days for visiting the Dead Sea, Masada and Jerusalem. This trip will be shared with other representatives from various Latin American countries, as well as from Spain, Portugal and Brazil.

The winners said they were keen to participate in the training session, which they consider as a stimulus to their daily work at SADM, and said they received full support from family and co-workers.

Gerardo Álvarez, Commercial Manager of Dorot México, which sponsored the competition organised by ANEAS, stated that the winners will participate in the training seminar together with a Mexican delegation of representatives from Conagua, CESPTE Tecate, municipal Utilities and private participation Utilities such as Agua de Puebla and CAASA Aguascalientes, in addition to valve distributors in the north of the country.

“Dorot has an interest in the training of water utilities, the three levels of government and the private sector, which objective is savings in water networks and improved provision, i.e., with the same amount of water, more needs can be met in order to reduce energy costs, increase the network useful life and a more efficient system “.

Maximiliano Olivares Padilla, Special Projects Coordinator of ANEAS, reiterated the Association’s commitment to promote the training of Utilities in the country, for which strategic alliances are made with companies such as Dorot, in order to improve drinking water services and sanitation in Mexico.



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