WaterGuide and the Australian experience on scarcity and drought visited Baja California

AITHER and ARCOWA consultancies, supported and sponsored by the Government of Australia and the Australian Water Partnership (AWP), visited our country from 15 to 19 January, in order to present the tool: WaterGuide, a guidance document designed and based on decades of the Australian experience on the management and efficient use of water resources in the face of  water scarcity and availability variation. The guide is a contribution to the UN High Level Panel on Water and the World Bank.

WaterGuide is a framework designed to help decision makers and stakeholders to develop practical paths to improve water management under scarcity and variability conditions, by diagnosing problems and identifying appropriate instruments to address them, such as political, technical, operative approaches. Its six key elements are: (1) Establishing a shared vision for water management, (2) Understanding water supply and demand, (3) Determining water allocation between uses, (4) Developing institutions and policies to govern water management; (5) Providing sustainable water infrastructure and services; and (6) Assessing and improving the system efficiency.

Aither and ARCOWA share their experience during their visit to Baja California and Mexico City, to find collaborative areas to offer solutions to the particular problems of Mexico. In Baja California, the State Water Commission hosted working meetings in connexion with the Hydrological Plan of Baja California 2035, as well as a workshop on the WaterGuide application and the Australian reforms.

Water sector stakeholders of Baja California, such as CONAGUA, CESPT, CESPM, CESPE, the Ministries of Tourism, Agricultural Development and Economic Development, CILA, BC College of Civil Engineers, COLEF, Technological Institute, AMH, CANACO, Border Project of Environmental Education, Pronatura, UABC, among others, participated in the meetings, with the active support of CMIC, CESPTE Tecate and ANEAS

During their visit to Mexico City, ANEAS organised an in-person and distance-learning seminar for the Utilities in other states to be able to participate and learn about the Australian tool and its guiding principles. Among the participants were: CONAGUA, JMAS Ciudad Juárez, COMAPA Nuevo Laredo, OOMSAPAS Los Cabos, Water and Sanitation of Toluca and the Water System of Mexico City. As a follow-up to this exchange, ANEAS will disseminate in Spanish the WaterGuide, presenting AWP, Aither and ARCOWA consultancies’ preliminary results of their work in Jordan, Iran, Senegal and, potentially, Mexico with Baja California, during the week of the 8th World Water Forum, in Brasilia.


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